Ideal English Secondary School

Introduction to Ideal Secondary School

With a motive of sound and fair learning environment, Ideal College is located at the inner part of Chabahil, away from the urban chaos. Providing excellence in the smooth flow of academic curriculum, equal emphasis is given on practical terms of learning, coupled with creative and skill oriented education system that goes parallel to the international context. Ideal envisions in implicating broad and productive minds that manifest into signficant contributors of the society without keeping the inherent national values, attributes and skills at bay. In summary, Ideal, as the very name suggests dedicates itself totally into creation ideal citizens of the society with their overall personality development, leading them to coming off as accountable leaders of the society.

Ideal Secondary School seeks to graduate 'Students' with excellent academic achievemnets, self confidence, meaningful extracurricular talents which help his/her to function comfortably in the work and / or pursue higher University education. IDEAL ENGLISH H.S SCHOOL strives to create an atmosphere in which all the students learn to appreciate their personal value and worth, each is encouraged to develop his/her potential to the best of his/her ability.

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Testimony of the Director

Message From The Principal

The journey of the hundred miles designs with a step. Ideal College since its very inception has culminated into a major educational institute due to the properly implemented plans and actions along with the unity of the entire team, Ideal succeeded in reaching heights that is unplarallel. We stand for truth, integrity, quality and unswerving commitment to the aspirations of our students. We are more of a mindset than simply an institution, harboring unswerving commitment that can be well described as our benchmark. We facilitate a group of motivated, energetic, and qualified lectureswho posses expertise in their respective fields. Our staffs have earned reputation for professionalism, relaiblity and courtesy. At Ideal, we emphasize harmonyous environment for students. Ideal College has already produced good number of students to their chosen academic destination, paving the pathway of accomplishing their academic pursuits. Our successful result has encouraged us to be more responsible and reliable in making Nepalese students into a global citizen and achieve success in whatever envadors they close to pursue.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the students, parents/ guardians and all well-wishers who have placed faith in us and for offering us with an opportunity to prove ourselves.

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Services Overview

The school has institutionalized wide range of scholarship on the basis of fair and transparent evaluation system monitored and guided by the college management committee to uplift dalit indegenous students from remote and backward areas. Scholarships are also offered to students from all ethnic and cultural background with excellent academic track record.

Contact Us

For more information about how you can join and enroll with us please contact:

Address: Maijubahal, Chabahil, Kathmandu
Telephone:4470363, 4498858, 4479034
P.O Box: 5308